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Precise Care @ Chembur

Shop No 7, Molax Bhavan, Road No 2, Chheda Nagar, Chembur, Mumbai - 400089


Precise Care @ Mulund

Shop number 19/A-2, Lok Kailash, J S D Road, Opposite City of Joy, Mulund West, Mumbai - 400080


It was a delight to getting my injury resolved with Precise Care. Their imaginative and educated approach was evident in how quickly they were able to pinpoint the issue. They provided detailed explanation on each point, which helped even a lay person like myself understand the details of my problem. Because of their upbeat demeanor, they will treat you during conversation without you even realizing it, which is an added bonus. 


I was having low back pain before my pregnancy with some sort of swelling near the tail bone area... but post C-Section delivery my back pain increased. So I connected with Precise Care for the same. They understood my problem very well and diagnosed it properly and taught proper exercises to me and made me do all of them nicely. Now my back pain has reduced to a great extent rather I can say it's gone. I definitely recommend precise care to people.


My mother in law was suffering from severe back pain hence we visited Precise Care. The doctor checked her and gave her a 1 week protocol for pain and then exercises. She was really good with explaining the reason behind pain, teaching exercises and very polite. Her pain reduced and she was able to resume her daily routine. Thank you doctor.


Went there with lower back pain. Excellent diagnosis done. They even showed me why my back pained by doing simple physical tests. Showed some exercises and immediately started feeling the tension in my back go away. Did exercises as showed by them and now slowly on my road to recovery. Thank you Team Precise Care.


Amazing treatment and sessions received by the doctors for my parents as they both had some muscle issues. The doctors are too kind and gentle. They explains the procedure very clearly and don't engage directly onto strenuous requires a lot of patience in the end and regular follow up visits for complete relief. Highly recommend this clinic.

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