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Chalo Dil Se

  • Who should take this challenge?
    Chalo Dil Se can be done by anyone with a sedentary or relatively passive lifestyle to help them improve heart health. Those choosing to boost their mood and reduce stress and those waiting for a motivation to start exercising can also join in and begin their fitness journey.
  • Can I do my other exercises along with this walking program?
    Yes, Definitely. Remember that everyone has a different endurance level and capacity to do exercises. The challenge is designed to ensure it does not disrupt your normal exercise schedule (if you have any) and also helps you make one if you aren’t doing it already. Just ensure you do not overexert yourself and seek professional help if there is some difficulty or pain.
  • I am able to walk extra (more than prescribed), is that a problem?
    Absolutely not! Since the chart shared is designed to be generic, the limit given is on the lower end. If you are able to walk extra, it would only amplify your benefits. Only ensure that the walking is conscious (you focus on the activity of walking and not anything else like talking on call).
  • It is difficult for me to find time between my work hours, so I can't do 20-25 minutes straight? However, I can do 10-minutes 2 times or more between my work breaks. Is that fine?
    We have given 25 minutes as a stipulated time because walking is a cardiac endurance exercise. In simple words, it aims at increasing your heart rate and then maintaining it for some time at that level to pump more blood to your working muscles and enhance your body's blood circulation. If you absolutely can’t make it at a stretch, we recommend being mindful during your short 10-minutes walk. Walking while on call or walking to market or walking during household chores is not mindful. Remember that this is the time you dedicate to yourself and nothing else, for your precise care.
  • What if I am unable to do it for a day to two? Should I continue with the activity on the day I resume or do I need to do the days I missed?
    We highly recommend that you try your best to take time out to walk a little every day. However, when due to unavoidable reasons you have to skip a few days, we suggest you begin by doing the days you missed. The idea here is not to complete the challenge but to build your physical self by building endurance, pushing your potential and creating a commitment. Hence, always escalate gradually (by doing the days you missed) rather than suddenly going for an intense one as per the chart.
  • I am unable to do the present day’s task due to physiological reasons (tiredness, pain, aches, muscle pull, etc). What should I do?
    The chart provided to you is a generic one that aims to build your physiological strength assuming all other factors are functioning fine. In case you are unable to do a certain day’s task, we recommend doing the previous day’s task till the time you feel you are ready to go to the next one. In case of pain, please consult a doctor or any of the Precise Care Physiotherapists who would assess your specific pain and ailment and then would suggest an appropriate modification that best suits you.
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