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Precise Care Physiotherapy Clinic

At Precise Care Physiotherapy Clinic, we're committed to helping you regain your mobility and independence. Our expert team of physiotherapists will provide precise care tailored to your individual needs, so you can get back to feeling your best. Discover the value of taking Precise Care with us today!


Precise Care @ Chembur

Shop No 7, Molax Bhavan, Road No 2, Chheda Nagar, Chembur, Mumbai - 400089


Precise Care @ Mulund

Shop number 19/A-2, Lok Kailash, J S D Road, Opposite City of Joy, Mulund West, Mumbai - 400080


My 82 year old mother developed severe back pain post a fall. The XRay showed mild spine fractures and she was advised to do some core strengthening movements. Since Dr Nidhi Padave had already treated me with my hip pain , I knew how good she is and asked her to visit home for Mom. Dr Nidhi today finished almost 15 days of therapy with Mom and has helped her gradually reduce the now not having the pain. She is so gentle with her patience but is a task master in getting the exercise done.. Plus her knowledge and understanding of the human body is so good that it helps in accurately solving the pain .


It was a wonderful experience to take sessions with Lai Pathak, her approach was very fresh and she was very knowledgeable which was reflected in how fast she was able to diagnose the issue and I really loved how she explained each detail so a layman like me can understand the knitty gritty of my problem. Her jovial nature is an added bonus as she will treat to while talking without you even realise.
I will recommend everyone to consult her for their issues.


I had been suffering severe frozen shoulder pains last so many months. When I visited Precise Care Clinic, Dr. Aarefa treated me, and with her expertise and treatment have made a remarkable difference. I am grateful for her dedication and skill, as my pain has significantly improved under her care. Dr. Lai Pathak also helped me with her expertise. I will recommend taking treatment in Precise Care Clinic as all Doctors in this clinic are knowledgeable and expert in their service.


Really happy with the way Dr. Nishi treated me. I went to her with a mild herniated disc diagnosis, and she patiently listened to my concerns. She’s incredibly patient and friendly. She very well explained how the muscles work together to help me understand my exercises and fix my issue along with posture. The clinic is well maintained and clean and they have the necessary equipment as well. Overall I’ve had a great experience with her and absolutely recommend their services!


Amazing treatment and sessions received by the doctors for my parents as they both had some muscle issues. The doctors are too kind and gentle. They explains the procedure very clearly and don't engage directly onto strenuous requires a lot of patience in the end and regular follow up visits for complete relief. Highly recommend this clinic.

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